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Full text of "Program for a presentation by Faulkner Hospital to the American College of Surgeons"

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October 6, 1934 
The Staff and Associates of the Faulkner 
Hospital have made considerable effort this 
year to provide operations, and especially 
Dry Clinics, along the lines of Bone and 
Joint work, especially of the Traumatic and 
Reconstructional type, that shall be worth a 
visit by our friends to the Wednesday Clinic. 

This Clinic, in fact, represents some- 
thing more than the material that would 
naturally come to the Faulkner Hospital, 
excellent though that has grown to be, and 
the men presenting and discussing are people 
of sufficient standing to justify bringing 
this Clinic to your special attention. 

* * <• 

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Faulkner Hospital Program 

Wednesday, October 17, 1934 

9.00 A. M. Dr. E. G. Brackett, one operation. 

Dr. Frederick Jay Cotton, two operations. 
Dr. Henry C. Marble, two operations 

11.00 Dry Clinic. 

Dr. E. A. Codman, Shoulders 

11.30 Dr. E. G. Brackett, Surgery of the lower Back. 

12.00 Dr. Henry C. Marble, Surgery of the Hand. 

12.30 Dr. Frederick Jay Cotton, Bone Tumors. 

Pathological Exhibit. 
X-Ray Exhibit. 

1.00 P. M. Luncheon at the Faulkner Hospital. 

2.00 Dr. John D. Adams, Industrial Lesions of the Knee. 

2.30 Dr. William A. Rogers, Compression Fracture of 

the Spine. 

2.40 Dr. Henry C. Marble, Fractures of the Forearm. 

3.00 Dr. Frederick Jay Cotton, Fracture of the Pelvis. 

3.30 Dr. Horace K. Sowles, Fractures of the Elbow. 

3.40 Dr. B. A. Godvin, Os calcis Fractures. 

Pathological Exhibit. 
X-Ray Exhibit. 



Faulkner Hospital Program 

Thursday, October 18, 1934 

9.00 A. M. Operative Clinic — E. L. Young, Jr., H. K. Sowles and 

11.00 Obstetrical Clinic— J. R. Torbert and R. S. Titus. 

11.30 Otolaryngological Operations and Demostrations — 

C. B. Faunce and associates. 

12.00 Post-operative Pulmonary Complications-S. C.Wiggin 

12.30 Injection Treatment of Hemorrhoids — F. G. Balch, Jr. 

1.00 P. M. Lunch. 

2.00 Discussion of Thyroid Surgery — R. C. Cochrane. 

2.15 Symposium on Preoperative Immunization of the 

Peritoneal Cavity. 

Theoretical and Experimental Evidence of the 
Benefit of Amniotic Fluid Concentrate — Dr. 
Herbert L. Johnson. 

Clinical Evidence of Immunity from Preoper- 
ative Injections — Dr. E. L. Young, Jr. 

Clinical Experience in the use of Preoperative 
Injections — Dr. E. Everett O'Neil. 

General Discussion opened by Dr. Donald C. 

Pathological Exhibit. 

X-Ray Exhibit. 

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